Q: I don’t know the date for my removal yet – can I still make a booking?
A: Yes. We appreciate that very often our customers will not know their exact completion date in advance. So we will take a 10% deposit to secure our services, and then work with you to ensure that the date is suitable for you. With this method we have have had 100% success in getting our customers the date that works for them.

Q: Do you supply packing materials?

A: Yes, we are more than happy to deliver these to you on request.
Q: Can you disassemble & reassemble furniture for us?
A: Yes, this is no problem at all. Our loaders are experienced in disassembling & reassembling furniture. Just let us know in advance what needs doing so we can be sure to bring the relevant tools.
Q: I live on the top floor of a 4 story building and there is no lift, is this a problem?
A: No, not in the least. This is a common scenario for us. We will bill according to the time and effort to get the job done. When we do the initial assessment of the move we will make sure that this is clearly factored into the quote.
Q: I need some stuff moving, so dumping and some storing – can you handle that?
A: This is why we are a good choice for you. We pride ourselves on handling all of those things as our regular business. This makes us a one-stop shop for you.

Q: Do you do international removals?

A: We cover all of Europe. Complex and simple removals across borders are part of our regular business. 

Q: I have about 3 van loads of furniture/goods, can you manage this?

A: We have a large (and growing) fleet of removal vans so 3 is not a problem as long as we have some notice. Contact us to find out about the availability of our vans for multiple vehicle jobs.

Q: It will probably take about a day to pack and load my goods, and another day to transport them – can you do this?

A: Absolutely. very often, for long distance removals we will pack and load on the first day, then leave the locked vans in our secure compound (for a move up-country) or by the premises being vacated. The vans then complete the move next day.



Q: What happens if my items get taken to auction?
A: We enter the items on behalf of the client so they will receive the full proceeds from the sale to their own account. 
Q: Who decides if the items cleared are auctionable or just to be disposed of?
A: Our staff have a great deal of experience from working with local auctioneers, so will usually know what is likely to sell. That said, we tend to err on the side of caution. So, if there is any doubt, we will contact the auctioneer to get their professional opinion.
Q: Do you use a preferred auction house for clearance sales?
A: We have built up a very good relationship with David Lay Auctions, who are, by a long chalk, the most professional and reputable auction house in West Cornwall. So we generally use them for our clearances.
Q: Do you keep a percentage of any auction sales?
A: We take 0% from our customers’ auction sales proceeds. All items sold at auction have the entire proceeds (after auctioneer’s commission) given to our customer.
Q: I want my clearance to be as environmentally friendly as possible, cvan you do this?
A: Nearly all our waste items are recycled or re-used. The tiny percentage that cannot be dealt with in this way are burnt for energy recycling.  



Q: Is there anything you aren’t able to store in your containers?
A: We do not store perishable items 
Q: Are your containers insured?
A: No, this is company standard that our containers are not insured, but if you have content / house insurance, providing you speak to your provider your furniture should still be covered by this insurance.
Q: What size containers do you have?
A: All our containers are 20 foot.
Q: What security and safety measures do you have in place for storage?
A: Our A1 condition containers are completely sealed in a gated compound with CCTV.
Q: Do you check the contents for mould/decay etc?
A: We periodically check containers for any signs of this. As the containers are all new and in top condition this has never been an issue for us. 



Q: How can I make a payment?
A: We are happy to take cheque, bank transfer or over the phone payments. 
Q: How can you go about giving us a quote?
A: The first option is to use our online quotation form. We can then arrange for our managing director to come out to view your property & give you a price guide for your removal or house clearance. 
Q: What insurance do you have against breakages?
A: Our staff and vehicles are all insured for any damages to your possessions or property during the move or clearance. Our vans have up to £20K insurance for anything in them.
Q: Can I arrange credit terms with you?
A: We accept all major credit cards. Also, in certain situations regarding house clearances, it is quite common for us to agree terms regarding probate situations. So we can clear a property and wait on the sale of a house for payment if we have agreed the terms in advance.