More Cornwall Container Storage

container cornwall

Exciting times as we get more containers to add to our Cornwall container storage site. We fill our new ones very rapidly – and why wouldn’t we? Our prices are reasonable, and the containers are new, clean and 100% protected from the elements.

Here’s what you can get in one.

We have dozens of satisfied customers who have their goods stored on a temporary or longer term basis at our secure facility in West Cornwall. Whether it be furniture, commercial stock, personal keepsakes or anything else, you will find our storage is perfect for your needs.

Each of the containers has been used once only before we get them, so you know that they are in pristine, spotless condition and rust and mould free. They are also adequately ventilated to ensure your items remain in tip-top condition.

If you need a temporary or long-term Cornwall container storage solution for your goods and chattels here in West Cornwall then be sure to contact us.